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About Us


Sunny's Prairie Lane Ranch
is a working farmstead and home to its owners Craig & Cindy. We invite you to explore our General Store and the various handcrafted items we have for sale. We feature everything from "reversible" baby britches, miscellanous quilted gifts, wine sacks, embroidered tea towels, handmade gifts and so much more... every item is unique and handmade one at a time by Sasseez aka Cindy. Many of the handcrafted items are one of a kinds thus, very limited numbers. In addition, we offer antiques, collectibles, horse drawn farm equipment, as well as occasionally tractors and other miscellanous farm stuff.  As Craig says " Always something for Sale" at the farm.


Sunny's Prairie Lane Ranch at Christmas

Sunny's Prairie Lane Ranch was named after our first Belgian draft horse Sunny and the rich Iowa prairie ground it rests on.  We have several gardens both vegetable and flower.  In fact, you would never quess it was a bean field only a few years ago! Our red rooster Mr. Java proudly shares his chicken "palace" with the laying hens.  Our 3 beautiful Nubian queens Makayla, Juliette and Keisha Rose rein proudly over the farm.   SPLR has 2 watchdogs, Rosco, an Anatolian Shepherd and Polly, a black lab.  Our newest and youngest dog is Ruby, a mini-doxie - she rules our home and joins the grandkids, kittens, goats, draft horses and chickens in making Sunny's Prairie Lane Ranch the perfect place to call home!

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A Winters Night at Sunny's Prairie Lane Ranch


There’s a growing movement throughout America to return to a more substainable way of living our lives, a conscious way of eating and knowing where our food comes from, and a more enlightened way of looking at our relationships.  Craig and I have always considered ourselves lucky, as we both were born in Iowa and raised on Iowa farms.  We learned at an early age that living on the land means living with the land.   We also learned that it's not how long you live but the depth in which you live it is what counts.  We grow and raise alot of our own food at the farm. We have chickens that provide us more than enough eggs daily and our gardens are bountiful with produce for winter.  Checkout my latest recipes in the recipe section of the webstore.  All of my recipes are normally very  simple, using basic ingredients but always comforting and gluten free too!  

Become a friend of Sunny's Prairie Lane Ranch today & experience the farms unique stories and daily adventures. Check out the General Store as well as our photos and get to know our Belgian draft horses Syd and Monty and their buddies Dan and Duke.
Monty, Syd and Dan grazing in the summer sun. 

A Winter Morning at Sunny's Prairie Lane Ranch